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The method in teaching kids to read is at parent’s hand, either it’s a whole language method or phonics method.For us, we decide to teach our son to read as early as possible, because baby love to learn and for them learning is fun and effortless.

There are tools to help you to teach your baby to read, such as flash card or electronic flash card.We have collections of electronic flash card in English, but we find it very difficult to find any electronic flash card in bahasa indonesia. Therefore we made it our very own electronic flash card in bahasa Indonesia. Later on we think that sharing some of our works with mommies out there would be nice. And here it is, mommies please download it for free, and don’t worry every material is a public domain, so there won’t be any copyright issue.

Last but not least, we hope that you are rich with knowledge, before you decide to use whatever learning to read method. Here is site that inspire us to do this, you can also download electronic flashcard in English there.

How to use

  1. Klick or tap the screen (depends on what device you use) to move between slide
  2. Read the word out loud and clear, and run your finger from left to right (under the written word), following the word you sound.
  3. The information is best presented at speed (that’s why they called it flash card!), because Unlike left-brain memorization, which requires conscious, directed effort, right-brain learning is unconscious and effortless. A presentation at speed also is a way to keep a child’s attention.

Type of file

  1. For Home PC, please download the .pps, you will need Microsoft Powerpoint on your PC.
  2. For Android Device, please download the .wtppt file, you will need to download the player for the slide, here

Download Link for Home PC :

1. binatang

2. alat transportasi

Download Link for Android device :

1. binatang

2. alat transportasi

p.s : come again to see new flash card, if you like our work, please leave some credit, like the page ^^v


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