Hold Me Tight!

Bissmillah I’m trying to write it in English, You might find it difficult to read as I find it difficult to write, hahahaha

I’m not good in English, but thats not the story, here is the story…

My Hubby is a less romantic person

He speaks bold, He mean what He say, and He say what He mean

Last night after a friend’s wedding party, We went home, He was riding the bike, And I was sitting steadily at the back holding a MAP! tight

My hand was busy holding this map, when He grab it and put it in His waist

It took me a while to understand His “language”

“He want me to hug Him from his back”

It was sweet aaaaand romantic^^, and I just realize that we don’t do -the hugging thing at riding-  since we don’t know when,

Pair of helmet, t-shirt and flip flops, driving somewhere only We know

I love You Mas :*



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